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Social Media Guidelines - Kevin DeShazo, CEO of Fieldhouse Media

1. If you would not want your grandmother to hear it, then do not post it.
2. If you even hesitate for one second before posting, do not post it. There is a reason your conscience made you hesitate in the first place.
3. Mark sure your default picture (AND ALL OTHERS) are appropriate.
4. Your Twitter handle and Facebook name and URL should not include any profanity or slang.
5. Privacy settings only go so far.  Social media is transparent and permanent.
6.  Respect yourself and others.  You are conversing on a public platform after all.
7. The laws of the real world still apply in social media (ie. Underage drinking, harassment, hate crimes, cyber bullying, etc.).  Remember that teachers, coaches, teammates, peers, and other important influencers are watching and listening. 
8.  Re-tweeting profanity is no different than using it in your own original tweets. 
9.  Avoid replying to or re-tweeting Twitter users with vulgar names.
10.  Is who you are representing yourself to be online the person you want the world to see you as?  Be a responsible social media user.
11. If you do not like something someone tweeted about you, your coach or your team – ignore it.  Engaging in public Twitter or Facebook arguments is a battle you will not win.
12. Consider opinionated topics off limits.  Avoid commenting on sexual orientation, race and religion.
13. There are many other teams and student-athletes at your school.  Take the time to give them a shout-out when they do big things.
14.  What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room.  Things that are said in a private team context should never find their way into social platforms.
15. Do not tweet or post during class.  That is like disrespecting someone (in this case it is the professor) behind their back. 
16. In social media, your platform is not just your intended audience.  Remember before every post that your response is accessible by coaches, teammates, opponents, administrators, parents, recruits and fans.

Think Before You Tweet/Post: