September 20, 2013

UNG & Young Harris To Compete In The Battle Of Blood Mountain

Battle of Blood Mountain Scoreboard

DAHLONEGA, Georgia – ( –
The University of North Georgia has partnered with Young Harris College to announce a new department-wide athletic competition between the two schools called the Battle of Blood Mountain.

Tomorrow’s afternoon soccer doubleheader at Young Harris is the first official competition that will score for the Battle of Blood Mountain.  The women’s game is set for 10:00 AM while the men’s kick off will be 12:30 PM on the YHC campus.

Blood Mountain is the highest peak on the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail and is the midpoint between the University of North Georgia and Young Harris College.  Blood Mountain is the sixth highest mountain in Georgia with an elevation of 4,458 feet. 

The Battle of Blood Mountain is an annual rotating cup between the UNG and YHC athletic departments as the two schools are geographically two of the closest members of the Peach Belt Conference (only 42 miles apart)

“The Battle of Blood Mountain will inherently create a natural rivalry,” stated UNG Athletic Director Lindsay Reeves.  “Our entire department is looking forward to adding the extra incentive to the competitions with Young Harris and is excited about having a collective department competition.”

For each of the sports that the two schools sponsor there will be one annual point awarded to the school that wins the majority of contests in that particular sport.  The initial season of competition will feature 10 points with men's golf scheduled to be added in 2014-2015.

If teams only play once then the team that claims the regular season contest will earn the point.  If teams play twice then a team must win both to garner the point.  If in a two-game season, teams split the series each team will win a half point.  In a three-game season teams must win the series to earn the point. 

The point for individual sports of women’s cross country and men’s and women’s golf will be awarded to the school that finishes highest in the Peach Belt Conference Championship.  Men's golf will not be added to the competition until the second year since YHC will not participate in the 2013-2014 PBC Championship Tournament.

If the two schools play each other in PBC conference tournament play that game will be added to the competition.  Season points will not be awarded until the completion of the respective sport’s PBC championship tournament to allow for any tournament competitions to be added to the competition. 

A school must earn 5.5 points to win the cup.  In case of a 5.0-5.0 tie the team holding the trophy will retain the cup – similar to Ryder Cup format. For the initial season of competition, the team that finishes highest in the Peach Belt Conference Commissioner’s Cup will earn the trophy pending a tie.
The school that wins the annual competition will get to house the trophy for the next calendar year.  The trophy will be something that reflects the challenge name and northeast Georgia mountain heritage.  The Athletic Director of the losing school will have to wear the opposing schools colors while presenting the trophy to the winning school’s SAAC Committee.