Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

What is the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee? (SAAC): The student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC) is a committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience. The SAAC also offers input on the rules, regulations and polices that affect student-athletes' lives on NCAA member institution campuses.  Presently, there are separate national SAACs for NCAA Divisions I, II and III. NCAA legislation mandates that all member institutions have SAACs on their respective campuses. Further, NCAA legislation requires that all member conferences have SAACs. The information that follows will assist you in understanding how the network of SAACs, from individual campus committees to the conference and/or national committees, interact and support one another to shape intercollegiate athletics policy and enhance the student-athlete experience. 

NCAA Division II SAAC Mission Statement:  The mission of the NCAA Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity for all student-athletes; protecting student-athlete welfare; and fostering a positive student-athlete image.

NCAA Division II SAAC Guiding Principles: The Division II SAAC will be guided by the following principles: ethics, integrity, fairness and respect for diversity, which shall include attention to gender, race, ethnicity and sport.

Governing Rule: We, as the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, will ultimately hold one another accountable for all actions, particularly those actions taking place during the SAAC meetings

SAAC Important Links
NCAA Informational Brochure
UNG SAAC Constitution & Bylaws
UNG Champs Life Skills

2013-2014 SAAC Meeting Minutes Archive: September | October | November | December | January | February | March | April

2013-2014 UNG SAAC Executive Board:
President: Travis Core, Men's Basketball
Vice-President: Shannon Coulombe, Women's Soccer
Secretary: Emma Robbins, Women's Cross Country
Treasurer: Anna Higgins, Women's Golf

2013-2014 UNG SAAC Roster:

Athletic Training Brad Beise, Kara Honea
Baseball Brandon Agar, Chip Fleming, Travis Naraine
Basketball (Men) Ishmael Hollis, Travis Core 
Basketball (Women)
Cierra Jackson, Molly Rainwater 
Cross Country (Women) Ann Marie Morehouse, Emily Buesse, Alyssa Sale, Emma Robbins
Golf (Men) Austin Booker, Will McFarlin
Golf (Women) Bridget Sandy, Anna Higgins
Rifle (Mixed) Casadie Bragg, Luke Duncan
Soccer (Men) Mickey Bozickovic, Malte Krapp, Andrew Leuer
Soccer (Women) Jessica Allen, Shannon Coulombe
Softball Mackenzie Day
Tennis (Men) Giovanni Santos, Mateus Camasmie
Tennis (Women) Adalyn Hazelman, Audrey Marlette