August 26, 2013

Nighthawk Spotlight Vol. 2

Question & Answer with Head Athletic Trainer Matt Daniel - 2013-2014 Season Preparations
With the 2013-2014 athletic season just around the corner, the Athletic Communications staff sat down with Head Athletic Trainer Matt Daniel to discuss the pending preparations that go into preparing UNG's 220+ student-athletes to compete.  Daniel is in his third year as the Head Athletic Trainer. 

Student-athletes reported to campus beginning on August 10 for physicals, what has been on the Athletic Training task list since reporting day?
Since the student-athletes have come back, most of our time has been spent getting administrative clearance and getting the athletes ready to compete.  Once all the paperwork has been set aside, we have started to see a little bit of a more more normal schedule including covering two-a-days for cross country and both soccer teams and rehabilitating the injured student-athletes.

Give us an example of an ATC's typical preseason daily schedule.
6:00 AM arrival, preparing the facility and student-athletes for practice, overseeing the two-hour practice, post-practice treatment, lunch and a small amount of down time and then repeating the entire process for the afternoon sesssion. 
Daniel claims his most popular lunch choice is leftovers while sitting at his office desk.

What sort of injuries are most common in the preseason?
The thing we see the most at the beginning of each season is general overuse injuries consisting of strains and tendonitis.

What did you think of the fall sports returners' condition and season preparations?
Overall the physical conditioning of the returners was fairly well compared to past seasons. The newcomers is not where we want to see, but that is part of the college athletics learning curve that the new ones are going through and for the most part it is the new athletes that are having the most nagging injuries.

What advice can you give to both new and returning student-athletes about preparing themselves to compete at this level?
At this level, taking care of your body is paramount especially with nutrition and hydration. Communication with our staff is also key in treating injuries from a prevention and rehabilitation standpoint which allows us to keep the student-athlete on the field. 

A Three Question Inside Look With Matt Daniel - Head Athletic Trainer

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