September 23, 2013

Nighthawk Spotlight Vol. 3

A to Z With Women's Cross Country Runner Emily Beusse

Athletic Training secret to sustained health:
Daily ice or ice packs wrap to our legs after every practice. 

Best thing about UNG is: 
I like the location (Emily is from Dawsonville, Ga.), the mountains and the weather.

Coach Williams’ best words of advice for me:
“If you believe it, it will be.”

Day of the race, I do what to prepare myself?
The day before I try to do some visualization of the race.  The morning of the race I try to get up fairly early and eat at least an hour and a half before the race. Before each race I try to do a Bible study and spend some time by myself.  

Extra curricular activities you are interested in …
Pretty much anything with Physical Education since that is my major.  I really love kids and I have a desire to teach kids how to be healthy.  In my major we are about to be placed in the classroom setting and I am really looking forward to that.

Favorite type of music and recording artist:
I am too cheap to buy music so I usually listen to whatever is on the radio – Star 94, The Fish, and country.  I can listen to about anything and do not have a favorite.

Getting UNG to the Peach Belt meet top-three podium ...
Everybody being healthy and peaking at the right time.  Last year at least half the team was dealing with an injury.  Coach Wiliams has done a good job of making sure each runner has enough recovery. 

Hardest part of practice during the week? Probably our morning practices and the lack of sleep.  When you are having two practices a day you stay tired and when the day is done you still have to do homework and other tasks.  

Interesting thing about me away from running:
I enjoy baking, crafting and shopping at thrift stores.

Joker on the team: Lexi Miller.

Keys to running cross country: Good nutrition, good shoes, water, Gatorade, preventing injuries. Also definitely getting some sleep.  

Least favorite sports moment: It would be combined with my best sports moment which is kind of odd.  When I was in 10th grade we ran in East Jackson’s Invitational and I won the race but they were following the leader on the school’s video Jumbotron.  My brother, who was on the team, and some of his friends ran beside me to encourage me. When I won the race we had to appeal because there was an assumption that I was being paced.  After a 20 minute race appeal the result stood and I went from being disqualified to winning the race.  

My pick to win this year's BCS national championship: My parents went to the University of Georgia so that would be Dawgs all the way.

Nickname: Emmy

One person in my life who inspires me the most: Coach Williams

Potential career choice after graduation: Physical Education teacher.

Quiet-time activity: Sleeping...I do a lot of that.

Running by yourself or with a group? That varies.  After you train for the entire summer by yourself it is good to get back with the team but after a few months it is always peacefully to run alone again. 

Superstition I have: I do not wear socks when I race because I wear racing flats.  I hate shoes and do not like having anything on my feet. 

Twitter or Facebook? Facebook.  I do not have a Twitter account.

Unusual habit you would like to break: Cracking my knuckles.

Vacation spot I love: The mountains.

What is the biggest difference between this year’s team and last year’s: Our team depth. Our times are much lower so far this season. 

Xbox, PlayStation or Wii? None of the above.  

Year I was born: 1991 

Zoo animal I would like to be: Hippo – I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be lazy all day and lay in the mud.  

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