September 4, 2009

Pope Makes Debut In Starting 5 With New Team

DAHLONEGA, GA – Former North Georgia great Nick Pope continues to climb the ranks in Europe, opening the season in the starting five of one of the best teams in all of France as preseason games are in full swing.

Making the transition to one of the highest levels in all of Europe, playing for Gravelines-Dunkerque in France and going up against the likes of former top 40 picks in the NBA draft and Atlanta Coast Conference stars David Noel of North Carolina and Julius Hodge of NC State, Pope found himself in the starting lineup in the first two games of the year, leading his team to a 2-0 preseason record.

In the first game of preseason play, Pope scored nine points in a nine-point victory, defeating LePortel 87-68.

Last night against the Belgium team, Mon Hainaut, Pope logged 22 minutes, going 3-9 from the field and 1-3 from behind the arc for seven points. He pulled down a pair of rebounds and tallied one assist and two steals in a 91-75 victory.

Pope and Gravelines-Dunkerque return to action on Saturday evening, taking on Alost, another Belgium squad.