February 27, 2013

Former Basketball Players Return to North Georgia for Reunion

DAHLONEGA, Ga. – As part of Saturday's men's and women's final home basketball game festivities, former members of the North Georgia men's basketball program gathered back on campus at the Military Leadership Center to reminisce about old times and be recognized for their years both on and off the court.

Those in attendence represented the classes of 1955-60 Cadets and the 1971-88 Saints, better known as "Enlsey's Players." Unfortunately, Hall of Fame Coach Bill Ensley was unable to attend to see his former players but the group did include former athletic director Randy Dunn and current University of North Georgia men's basketball coach Chris Faulkner.

Following the reception, Coach Faulkner said, "I enjoyed having a chance to talk with some of our former men's basketball players. It is great to hear their stories and get together with a group of people that all share a common bond and a love for North Georgia basketball."

"It was great to have a group of the University's former athletes back on campus to be recognized," said Development Officer for the College of Arts and Letters Wendi Huguley who was instrumental in organizing the event. "Many of these men continue to support the University in so many ways, but haven't been acknowledged for many years for their contribution on the court."

The two groups were also recognized at half time of the men's Peach Belt Conference game against Lander University.


1950-60 North Georgia Cadets

1971-88 North Georgia Saints - "Ensley's Players"