March 29, 2009

The Saints Run Over Piedmont College 9-0

DEMOREST, GA – North Georgia College & State University won their second straight match Sunday afternoon, blanking Piedmont College 9-0 at the Burgen Tennis Courts in non-conference action.

The Saints improve to 3-8 overall on the season, while North Georgia held the Lions winless at 0-5 on the year.

North Georgia relinquished just one game in singles play, while surrendering just five games in doubles action.


Singles competition
1. Luciano Paes Neto (NGCSUM) def. Matt Gadbois (PC) 6-0, 6-0
2. Samuel Moore (NGCSUM) def. Travis Ragsdale (PC) 6-0, 6-0
3. Daniel Aguilon (NGCSUM) def. James McGuigan (PC) 6-0, 6-0
4. Adrien Saulais (NGCSUM) def. Jon Reinert (PC) 6-1, 6-0
5. Grant Partrick (NGCSUM) def. M. Rubio (PC) 6-0, 6-0
6. Benjamin Ridley (NGCSUM) def. Adam Perillo (PC) 6-0, 6-0

Doubles competition
1. Grant Partrick/Adrien Saulais (NGCSUM) def. Matt Gadbois/Travis Ragsdale (PC) 8-4
2. Luciano Paes Neto/Samuel Moore (NGCSUM) def. Jon Reinert/James McGuigan (PC) 8-1
3. Daniel Aguilon/Benjamin Ridley (NGCSUM) def. M. Rubio/Adam Perillo (PC) 8-0

Match Notes
North Georgia 3-8
Piedmont College 0-5