April 11, 2012

Rifle Team Host Safety Sessions for Area Boy Scouts

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DAHLONEGA, GA – On January 28th and February 12th, the North Georgia rifle team hosted firearm safety and familiarization sessions for area Boy Scouts.

The boys were between the ages of 11 and 16 and were guided by varsity team members and current North Georgia Rifle Head Coach Tori Kostecki.

Safety is always first. The Scouts were taught the basic safety method M-A-T: Muzzle, Action, Trigger. 

These are the three things that must all be safe in order for your rifle or pistol to be considered safe. Muzzle must be pointed downrange or directly up, action must be open and have a flag in it, and you may not be touching the trigger.

The Scouts then had an opportunity to learn how to safely and accurately shoot. They started with air rifles on reactive (moving) targets, then .22 rifles, and finally .22 pistols, which proved to be the most popular.

Finally, the Scouts had a chance to chat with several of the North Georgia team members themselves, Eagle Scouts, about Scouting and setting goals, working toward them, taking charge of their life, and serving others.

"We had two main goals in these sessions." commented Coach Kostecki. "First, we wanted to teach the boys how to safely and correctly use firearms.  Many students have only ever seen firearms in video games and action movies where they are used indiscriminately to harm others.  We wanted to both expose them to the proper procedures for handling firearms safely and responsibly and to counteract the misconception that firearms are inherently violent."

"Secondly, and most importantly, we wanted the boys to have a chance to hear from former Scouts about their journey and to provide them encouragement as they move through the middle and high school years. Leaders are made over time, and this was one small step in that process. Hopefully today we made the world a tiny bit safer and more educated, and helped encourage some future leaders." said coach Kostecki

Coach Kostecki is in the early stages of planning similar events for next year for a broader audience across gender and age groups.

Story written by NGCSU Rifle Coach Tori Kostecki