NCAA Softball Championships Dahlonega Regional Game 1 Quotes

Augusta State University Head Coach Melissa Mullins

Opening Comments:
“Well of course we are excited, excited to get that first win under our belt and hopefully it will carry on to tomorrow.”

On Kristin Jones and Kayla Hicks:
“Both of them are real solid hitters.  Kristen has hit the ball real well all year.  Kayla has battled some injuries but has always been a good hitter for us.  Definitely her experience is something that she brings to the table in these kind of situations.”

On the struggles of the Wingate pitching staff:
“Unfortunate for them, but it did allow for us to have some runners and we like to bunt and like to run.  We have good speed and good bunters. When you get runners on it allows you to do so without any outs in place.”

On the performance of Augusta pitchers:
“Emily did a great job.  She always does.  She is great at keeping the batters off there timing.  Kimberly just came in did what she has done all season, which is close the game.  We pulled Emily a little quicker than we would have after she got hit by that one ball.  They both did a great job.  That’s kind of a duo.  That’s what they do.”

On what she will tell her team tonight:

It’s not like North Georgia something we aren’t familiar with.  We know that we have a tough opponent ahead of us.  You tell the kids that should enjoy the victory but now it is time to focus in and get ready to play a really tough and talented team tomorrow.  And we don’t take that lightly but we also roll in with confidence knowing that we have the ability to beat them. If we play our best we will give them a good game and come out on top.”



Wingate University Head Coach Michelle Caddigan

Opening Comments:
“It was painful. I mean it really was.  I have not ever seen my team perform that way.  Not to take anything away from Augusta State because they are certainly a quality team.  When you put somebody every inning of that game on base either hit by pitch or walks and that really set the tone.  They (Augusta State) did a great job taking advantage of those mistakes.  We had errors today, that again I have never seen made before, but it is what it is and we can’t complain about it at this point.”

On pre-game jitters:
“That’s what our guys (radio crew) just asked me and I really don’t think that is what it is.  You could say that but we really don’t have a lot of youth.  We have had a very difficult schedule and I just think that maybe we just weren’t mentally prepared enough going into it.”

On the rain delay:
“To be honest I was hoping it was going to work to our benefit.  At that point it was 4-0 in the fourth inning, if I’m correct.  I thought maybe that would be a chance to settle down and regroup and unfortunately that didn’t work out either.”

On starting pitching:

She (Blankenship) had a couple hit batters and a couple walks as well.  All and all she did her job.  Offensively I think we had three hits on the day, when you are in regional tournament with the strength of this region that’s just not going to get you there.”

On what she will tell her team tonight:
“We have to find a way and we are going to watch some film once we figure out who we are going to play tomorrow.  I really don’t believe its anything fundamental.  My kids have a lot of heart and I really don’t want to beat them up. I am kind of at a loss myself.  I think when I walk back to the bus to them I have got to regroup and think about that.  I can’t say that we gave up, there was just a missing link today.  I have not seen that in a Wingate team in my 13 years here.”