NCAA Softball Championships Dahlonega Regional Game 4 Quotes

Queens University of Charlotte Head Coach Stacy Schramm

On the close game:
“I know it was clutch.  From yesterday I told them we need to play great defense.  We can’t just coexist with the other team.  And that is what did it.  Two hits, so what? We will take it, as long as we get the “w” at the end.

On getting out of a lot of jams:
“Hits are fine, we can give up hits it’s just not letting them capitalize on it and not freaking out, and just playing great defense and that it what they did.”

On Dodge’s performance:
“She has done it for us all year.  She doesn’t have the winning record but my god, she has kept us in a lot of games.”

On Kmetic’s performance:
“She is amazing, from start to finish.  I have only been lucky enough to have her for a year.  In this one year she was voted most improved.  She was struggling at the plate early on and now every time she touches the ball it just flies off of her bat.”


Wingate University Head Coach Michelle Caddigan

On the tough loss:
“I am proud of our team, I am really proud.  Yesterday when we talked I don’t think those words could have come out of my mouth.  I am very pleased with Allison Smith and how she rebounded today.  Two of our three senior starters had a great day at the plate, and Hallie Pettigrew defensively was solid all day.  The demeanor and the atmosphere was better today.  We came up short but I am proud of them.”

Defensive play with runner on third:
“I am not the brightest person in the world but we stayed inside for that reason, hoping that we could get some ground balls to Hallie because she is very consistent for us.

“You teach your kids if they see a spin to let it go and Allison (Smith) did that.  They (Queens) got a good break.”

On playing with Class:
“That is what we are proud of.  We know that we are sending four quality individuals out to represent us.  Today didn’t go the way that we wanted it.  Like I told the team, after the hurt goes away and we sit back and reflect on our year we should be proud of our success.”