NCAA Softball Championships Dahlonega Regional Game 5 Quotes


Augusta State University Head Coach Melissa Mullins

On making the Championship Game:
"This is obviously what we wanted.  We wanted to be playing on Sunday so we are excited.  It is going to be a good mother’s day."

On the team’s performance against Queens:
"I was real pleased, real impressed.  We need that to happen, we did not hit well the first game on the day.  We came alive and really hit the ball hard all around in the second game."

On Kristen Jones performance:
"She has other home runs on the year.  The kid always hits with a lot of power.  She hits the ball real hard.  I was waiting on it, I can't say I called it but I felt one was coming sometime just cause she hits the ball so hard."

On Kasey Camp's performance:
"That’s one thing we feel like we can count on, Kasey to make something happen, whether it’s with a bunt or hitting the ball hard.  She is the kid we want up with runners in scoring position.”

On what she is going to tell her team tonight:
"I told them that it is hard to beat a team five times so the odds are in our favor.  That’s what we are really going to go with and believe.  We want to get to that sixth time of facing North Georgia, that’s our goal.  We won't look past the first game.  We are not going to give up.  I know Mike (Davenport) is afraid to play us, I don't blame him (laughing).  We give him a good game and hopefully it will be better than the one we played today."




Queens University of Charlotte Head Coach Stacy Schramm

On tonight’s game:
"It’s quite frustrating, we don’t usually lose that badly.  It was one of those things where I was trying to give Chantel Dodge a bit of a relief.  So I put in Brittany Stephens who has done a great job for us all year.  One pitch and the next thing you know the game is 4-0.  It seemed like the game was out of our hands.  It was like trying to play catch-up.  It was just one of those things where they got on a role."

On Chantel Dodge:
"We can't win games if we don't score.  We weren't an offensive threat at all up until the seventh inning.  It’s tough because it puts so much pressure on the pitcher and the defense."

On the success this season going into next season:
"Already recruits are emailing me like crazy.  I am trying to stay focused on this and I am getting hundreds of recruiting emails because they know about us, which is a great thing."