NCAA Softball Championships Dahlonega Regional Game 6 Quotes

North Georgia Head Coach Mike Davenport

Opening Comments:
"First and foremost I would like to congratulate Augusta State for getting to the region championship game.  Melissa has done such a great job with her program.  They are only graduating one senior so they’re going to be a serious force to be reckoned with in the Peach Belt and on the National level next year as well."

On North Georgia's performance:
"It comes down to fundamentals again.  The first couple of innings we had some opportunities but we didn't get our bunts down and we didn't get anything going.  The third inning we finally got the ball on the ground and forced some over to second base and got into scoring position and then it went from there."

On Hilary Cox:
"Hilary has stepped up, like we talked about in our previous meeting.  The first month of her being in the catcher’s position she focused so much on our defense, which was the right thing to do.  Her bat struggled a little bit but from late February-early March she has taken off, she is such a good hitter and good situational hitter.  She knows exactly what to do in key moments, where to hit the ball, and what side of the field to hit the ball on as well.  Today we saw her again, she came up with some clutch hits."

On Sarah Phillips:
"Sarah just went right at them.  To come into a region championship game against an opponent like Augusta State who we respect so much and for her to throw a no-hitter at this level is just unbelievable.  She continues to impress and surprise us."

On preparing for Carson-Newman:    
“We will probably take tomorrow off and give the kids some time to off a little bit and then it’s just back to the basics.  We will get our information on Carson-Newman the best we can and go from there."



Augusta State University Head Coach Melissa Mullins

On battling through the regional:
"Sarah had a great game, kudos to her.  I can't be disappointed, obviously disappointed in the outcome because unless you win you always want the outcome to be different.  I was very proud of the girls. Although there were no hits in the game I felt like we hit the ball really well it was just at people.  We just fell short.  Great job to Mike (Davenport) and North Georgia they are a great team and definitely deserve to be going on."

On a great season:
"Oh absolutely, that’s what I told the girls.  If you would have asked me at the beginning of the year what I had anticipated this coming season after having lost eight seniors last year.  I would have thought that we will be good but it might take us a year.  So I am very proud to find us in the championship game in one of the southeast regionals.  I am really proud of the girls."

On Augusta State making the regional’s two of the last three years:
"Two of the last three years.  We are real excited, I think we are doing some good things in the program.  I am real proud of the girls and tomorrow starts another recruiting summer."

On Angii Verbeelen:
"It’s a tough spot to fill for a lot of reasons.  Angii is a captain, great student, she is also president of our SAAC committee on campus.  She has got big shoes to fill.  It will be tough but we will try our best."