October 29, 2013

Basketball Teams Set To Showcase Programs At UNG-Gainesville Fanfare

GAINESVILLE, Georgia – (UNGAthletics.com) – The University of North Georgia men's and women's basketball teams will take part in a fanfare event at the school's UNG-Gainesville campus on Tuesday.  The event is set to begin at 4:30 with a tailgating social in front of the Hugh Mills Physical Education building.

The schedule of events begins with the tailgating event featuring music, free pizza, popcorn and hotdogs.

The pregame festivities will also include a performance by the UNG cheerleaders.  Daniels Charters of Gainesville will deliver both teams to the UNG-Gainesville campus at 5:00 with the players greeting the fans with free t-shirts and schedule posters.

Head coaches Buffie Burson and Chris Faulkner will lead their squads through a full speed practice setting in front of the crowd before the event is capped with a three-point shooting contest and a schedule poster autograph session. 

"Our basketball teams are looking forward to extending the UNG Athletics product out to the UNG-Gainesville campus," stated Athletic Director Lindsay Reeves.  "We are all excited about the upcoming basketball season and having the support of the UNG-Gainesville campus."

The UNG-Gainesville basketball fanfare event was put together by the UNG Department of Athletics and the UNG-Gainesville Student Life office.