October 24, 2013

COVER GIRLS: UNG Women’s Golfers Featured In NCAA Champion Magazine Cover Story

NCAA Champion Magazine Article & Video

DAHLONEGA, Georgia – (UNGAthletics.com) –
University of North Georgia women's golfers LeeAnn Noble and Bridget Sandy have served as first-class ambassadors of both the school and the women's golf program and the NCAA's Champion Magazine has taken note.  The pair of UNG women's golfers make up the cover story of the Fall 2013 issue of the NCAA's headline magazine.

The four-page spread and accompanying cover detail the girls early childhood battles with a heart transplant (Noble) and leukemia (Sandy) and how their parallel lives came to a fortunate intersection in the road at UNG.   Both student-athletes are Make-A-Wish recipients and are using their amazing stories of courage to spearhead the school's Make-A-Wish initiative.    

"Overcoming adversity is at the core of one's character and the story that LeeAnn and Bridget share is a clear testament to the pair's compelling lives," stated UNG Athletic Director Lindsay Reeves.  "Both have never let any obstacles get in the way of their goals and they have excelled both in the classroom, on the playing field and in the community." 

Editors, photographers and videographers from the NCAA were on campus for two days in early September to interview the student-athletes, coaches and staff and gather information for the feature story.  The events included photo and video shoots on campus and at Achasta Golf Club.  A special thank you goes to Arnel Reynon of Sports Graphics (editing and direction of the production), Brian Burnsed of the NCAA (writer) and Peter Lockley of NCAA Photos (photographer).

"It felt great to not only represent North Georgia, but to shed light on the Make-A-Wish program," clamed Noble.  "It was awesome to be a part of such a big production and I am excited about sharing our stories with a larger audience."

"It meant a lot to represent both North Georgia and the women's golf team," said Sandy.  "There is a good deal of people that do not realize the huge impact Make-A-Wish has on peoples' lives and I think we met our goal of having our story reach out to a lot of people.  The day (photo shoot and interviews) made us feel special and proud to be a part of UNG."

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In addition to the print circulation of the magazine, NCAAChampionMagazine.com features a photo gallery from the staff's two-day on-campus interview with the student-athletes.

Fans are encouraged to interact with Lee Ann (@LeeAnnNoble) and Bridget (@Bridget_Sandy) on Twitter.

Cover photo courtesy of Peter Lockley, NCAA Photos